How to make Sprite Animations!!!


Hello everybody! Today I will be teaching you how to make a short sprite animation. But before we do that, you are going to have to learn how to rip sprites from a sprite sheet. But even before that we are going to need to get the sprite sheet. Now, to get the sprite sheet, just open up your browser (I use Google chrome so this might not work for some of you who aren't using it) and type in "super sonic sprite sheets" (this is just what i am going to use for the tutorial, so if you want to use a different sprite sheet feel welcome to) in the place you type in url's.Now press enter and it should bring you up to a Google web results page, then click on the first link which should say "Images for Super Sonic Sprite Sheets" That should bring you to a Google images results page. Next you need to mouse over the images until you find an image that looks like this. Click on the picture when you find it and then on the new page that opens up click on the link that says "Full-size image", then just right-click and save-as the image! I will be using gimp from here on out so be sure to download the product. (Gimp is freeware and that means that it is software to use for free!) Now, its time to rip the sprites we need out of the sprite sheet we just got. Open the sprite sheet you just downloaded in gimp and crop to this part of the original image.Now we need to seperate each of the images to its own layer, to do this use the select tool and use it to select ONLY the first image from the picture above, then press Ctrl and X at the same time to cut it and go up to the "edit" ribbon, in the bar that drops down, mouse over the "paste as" option and then click on the "new layer" option from the bar that jetted out from the 'paste as" option. Now do that for ALL of the other images in order. Now, crop the image down as far as you can without cutting the image, and then delete the background layer. Now your image should look kind weird with all of the layers overlapping, but that's okay because it wont look that way for long. Next move all of the layers so that the nose on super sonic matches up perfectly with every single layer. Now you need to click on File-->Save, Click on the option that says "Save as Animation" then click "Export" Now in the new window that popped up checkmark the option that says interlace and the click on the thing that says "I Don't Care" and the in the bar that dropped down from that click on "One Frame Per Layer(Replace)" and then click "Save" Now your finally Done!!! Note that your finished animation might be faster or slower moving than mine and that is okay, all that matters is that your animation looks like mine. So,Here's how your animation should look(Note that your animation may be faster or slower and that is fine)